Tuesday, June 15, 2010


So I know its been a long time since I updated, but whatever. Today was my final day of teaching this semester which means the stress should end... or so I thought. The mayor just informed me that she would be coming by to check my house....ummmm ok. So I kinda have been living like a slob and it doesn't help that my sink is broken (how does that happen) and I cannot do my dishes.... I am going to try to use this thought to motivate me to get my shit together and clean this place (and keep it that way) but I dont' know how well that will work... maybe she will come by and see it and then just kick me out. Its that bad right now.

Tonight is the 8th grade ball. I am going. That is about all the emotion I can muster up for that thought. I will mmiss those guys mainly for their humor. Latest example: 3 students came in a half hour late the other day and said "Mr. Olson, we are so sorry. We thought we had math class this hour and we do nothing in that class. We would have been here if we would have known it was you teaching." It made me feel good. LOVE LOVE LOVE those kiddos and widh them the best... ok... I am going to clean... or rather, and more likely, watch reality tv... so is life.


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